Vitalograph Spirometry Workshops

We are committed to providing medical health professionals with first class training in the use of our devices. We specialise in spirometry training, but can give training covering any aspect of the measurements and procedures that we supply.

Our full day spirometry workshop covers a wide range of subjects including –

  • Introduction (What is spirometry?)
  • Why do spirometry?
  • Anatomy, physiology and lung mechanics
  • Lung volume measurements and terminology
  • Operating principals of spirometers
  • Preparation for spirometry
  • Correct test technique & test quality
  • Predicted normal values
  • Taking measurements from the curve
  • Classification of results (in relation to disease groups)
  • Reversibility testing
  • Spirometry interpretation
  • Case examples
  • Importance of trending data
  • Practical session

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Vitalograph is a well-established brand that delivers easy to use products and a great commitment to training. The Vitalograph team is very supportive of their customers.
Desiree Lindsay
Occupational Health Clinical Nurse Manager
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
"As a manager of an Occupational Health Service Vitalograph’s spirometry training provides the confidence that the results we receive following spirometry are accurate. The workshop was very thorough, informative and enjoyable , all of us that attended said it was the best spirometry training we'd ever received."
Amanda Teague
Occupational Health Manager

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