In2itive e-diary

Small handheld spirometer offering data integration and mobility

Vitalograph In2itive™ e-diary combines the benefits of spirometry, sponsor questionaires and patient reported outcomes, data integration and mobility in a small lightweight handheld spirometer. Robust and accurate Fleisch Pneumotachograph flowhead and a large, high resolution colour touch screen display makes the In2itive e-diary the ideal solution for gathering high quality data from subjects’ homes.

The In2itive e-diary is designed to interact directly with the COMPACT™ Expert. The e-diary is integrated with Spirotrac® software enabling each e-diary to be configured and assigned to a subject directly from the Compact workstation saving time and eliminating data entry errors. Data can be downloaded at site or sent from a subject’s home via the GSM modem cradle transmitting data using the mobile phone network.

The In2itive e-diary features:

  • Fields for symptoms, medication use, patient reported outcomes and quality of life questions for any therapeutic area
  • Capturing PEF and FEV as customized for the specific protocol requirements (and full curve data if required)
  • Customizable alerts and test times
  • Secure data transfer from the study centre or transmitted directly from the subject's home for immediate population of centralized study database
  • Cradle for battery charging, connection to a COMPACT and automatic data exchange saves time and eliminates errors
  • Assured hygiene with removable flowhead, SafeTway mouthpieces or bacterial/viral filters
  • Remote flowhead option enables the subject to view incentives while performing the test
  • Customizable via Spirotrac® software to contain multiple sponsor questionnaires and PROs
  • Class II (US) and IIa (Europe) medical device certification ensures that the software, hardware and data transmission technologies comply with the current industry and regulatory standards
  • Days (not hours) of battery life
  • Password protected using patient PIN

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