OASYS with Vitalograph asma-1 usb

Occupational Asthma expert SYStem

Objective methods of diagnosis are vital in confirming cases of occupational asthma and serial tests provide a low cost and effective solution.

What is OASYS?

OASYS (Occupational Asthma expert SYStem) is free to use software that has proven to be a sensitive and expert tool for detecting work related changes in peak expiratory flow readings. OASYS has been developed by Midlands Thoracic Society and is available for download from their website.

This simple to use system combats many of the difficulties associated with visual analysis of records: it also supports effective asthma management and provides validated evidence for occupational asthma related insurance claims.

OASYS with asma-1

OASYS has been developed by world leaders in occupational medicine and provides:

  • Automated data capture, archiving and analysis
  • Accurate and reliable asma-1 usb data download
  • Validated Work Effect Index of work related asthma

How does OASYS work?

OASYS is a computer diagnostic occupational asthma expert system which assesses the probability of an individual having work-related asthma.

The OASYS program scores each rest-work-rest or work-rest-work complex in a serial peak flow record between 1 and 4.

OASYS Score Chart

OASYS consists of the following modules:

  • A module for allowing entry of PEF readings recorded by the patient for either manual entry of PEF data or automatic capture of PEF data from the Vitalograph asma-1 usb respiratory monitor
  • A module to plot these recordings in a graph format. These graphs include a plot of mean PEF for each two hour period separated into work/rest days and plots of daily maximum, minimum and mean readings again divided into work and rest periods
  • A module to calculate scores indicating how likely it is that an occupational asthma diagnosis will be supported by this data
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