Vitalograph Wins Order to Supply Spirometers to Every GP Surgery in Wales

Wales Pneumotrac no background
Vitalograph were recently awarded an unprecedented order to supply Pneumotrac spirometry systems to every GP surgery in Wales as part of an ambitious strategy to deliver consistency of medical care across all Welsh regions.

The Welsh Health Survey (2009) stated that 13% of Welsh adults were being treated for a respiratory disease. In addition to high rates of respiratory disease there are wide variations in the quality of respiratory care available in different regions across Wales.

The order for 500 spirometry systems, one for each GP surgery in Wales is part of a healthcare strategy designed to ensure the care for individuals with long term conditions, such as asthma and COPD, is standardised, evidence based and delivered to national standards across the whole of Wales.

Spirometry is one of the most common diagnostic tests performed in primary care and is vital to the successful management of asthma and COPD, but the quality of the test can be very variable. It has been reported that over 25% of people with a diagnosis of COPD have been wrongly diagnosed, often because of poorly performed spirometry. Late diagnosis severely limits the benefits of treatment and increases healthcare costs. With most people being diagnosed in the late stages of the disease the 10-year survival rate is only about 50%. Accurate, quality-assured spirometry could help deliver earlier diagnosis, making treatment more effective.

The project was very ambitious and called for a company with the technical expertise and reputation for customer care that would deliver the necessary results. Following a rigorous selection process Vitalograph, a company with a 53 year heritage, won the contract.

“Accurate equipment, routine validation of spirometers and effective user training are all vital to performing good spirometry. We have over 50 years’ experience of supporting medical professionals in the care of respiratory patients through early diagnosis and effective disease management. The roll out of the devices to the various geographical regions has been smooth and the user training very well received” says Vitalograph Managing Director, Bernard Garbe.

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