Vitalograph Donates Laptops to Medical Detection Dogs Charity

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Vitalograph has donated 6 laptop computers to the Medical Detection Dogs Charity. The charity uses highly trained dogs to support people with serious medical conditions, such as diabetes and in research to identify key indicators of cancer.

The charity’s project manager, Tim Buckley explains, “Sufferers of brittle diabetes are warned by their dog when their blood glucose is getting low before the condition becomes critical. As their condition worsens the dog gets increasingly agitated to warn the sufferer. Also, if the sufferer collapses in the street the presence of the dog wearing his special jacket makes passers-by aware that a medical emergency is happening, not a case of drug or alcohol intoxication. Medical detection dogs can also be useful in helping identifying prostate cancer sufferers who have elevated PSA levels with just a urine sample before needing a biopsy. The research looks promising for a test which fits between a PSA test and a biopsy”.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide a quick, non-invasive and reliable method of early cancer detection for
everyone in the UK” says Christina Bowden, the charity’s PR & Marketing Manager.

“We are delighted to support the excellent work done by the Medical Detection Dogs Charity as we share
a common goal in seeking to protect the quality of life of those with serious long-term conditions”
says Bernard Garbe, Vitalograph Managing Director

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