Vitalograph ALPHA – 25 Years and Still Going Strong!


In the fast moving world of technology it is very rare to find a product that continues to attract new users 25 years after it was first launched but that is exactly what is happening with the Vitalograph ALPHA, which remains essentially unchanged from the first to the current generation of product.

The latest generation of the top selling Vitalograph ALPHA is being shipped in 2015 as a special Silver Anniversary edition. This ‘workhorse’ spirometer is renowned for reliability and long life, so now is a great time for users to swap their very old ALPHA spirometer for this new model, the special edition.

This great value device continues to meet the needs of respiratory care professionals who want a spirometer that is not only highly accurate but fast and very easy to use. The latest generation includes a robust carry case and integral rechargeable battery for complete portability.

“The ALPHA continues to be one of our best-selling spirometers. Every year we service thousands of ALPHA spirometers, many over 10 years old, showing that care and routine service will keep a good medical device fully functional far in excess of the design life. This is good news for users and we are delighted to be celebrating its silver anniversary”, says Vitalograph Managing Director, Bernard Garbe.

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