Vitalograph Welcomes New GINA Report


The new 2014 GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma) Report (external link) highlights the importance of assessing inhaler technique to accurately distinguish between severe and uncontrolled asthma.

“Poor inhaler technique is a serious challenge to creating effective asthma management plans. We developed the Vitalograph AIM as a low-cost, easy to use means of identifying incorrect inhaler technique and supporting good technique with an accuracy that is difficult to achieve by simple observation”
says Vitalograph Sales & Marketing Director, Bob Bemister.

The GINA Report also stresses the importance of FEV1 measurements in the assessment of future risk and the benefits of long-term PEF monitoring for those with severe asthma. The Vitalograph asma-1 is an inexpensive, fast and simple way of measuring FEV1 without the time and expense associated with full spirometry. In addition the asma-1 and the innovative Vitalograph myPEF Web Enabled Peak Flow Meter help make long-term monitoring of peak flow simpler through electronic data capture.

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