The award winning copd-6 usb, the latest addition to the Vitalograph range of COPD screeners


Following in the footsteps of the pioneering copd-6 is the latest COPD screener from Vitalograph, the revolutionary copd-6 USB.

Designed to link to your PC to produce electronic and hard copy colour reports the copd-6 USB makes identifying pre-symptomatic COPD easier than ever. By using the copd-6 USB to screen out those whose FEV1 is normal it is possible to determine who does not have COPD without the risk of false negatives. This efficient, easy to use and cost effective screening device allows spirometry resources to be focussed on those most likely to be diagnosed with COPD.

The copd-6 USB measures FEV1, FEV6, ratio and % predicted, obstructive index, COPD classification and lung age. Reports are detailed and offer a range of fields that are automatically populated, including subject‘s age, height, gender, device ID and a time/date stamp. Predicted values, 3 test results, % predicted and lung age are also automatically tabulated. Other report features include a blow quality indicator, BMI calculations and interpretation of results.

Suitable for multi-subject use with standard size SafeTway mouthpieces, the Vitalograph copd-6 USB is easy to clean and uses long life AAA batteries.

"The Vitalograph copd-6 USB is designed to play a valuable role in identifying undiagnosed COPD, particularly at the pre-symptomatic stage when medical intervention can be most effective" says Vitalograph International Sales & Marketing Manager, Bob Bemister.

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