asma-1 Bluetooth is becoming widely used in clinical studies


Patients in asthma or other respiratory studies in the past often used a Peak Flow Meter (PFM) for a home measure lung function. But relying on patients to record their own serial data accurately has long been a problem. Now Peak Flow and other measurements can be automatically captured and transmitted in real time. A new range of lung monitors from Vitalograph collect a variety of respiratory data from both study sites and from patient’s homes.

The most widely used device of this type is the asma-1™ bluetooth from Vitalograph, which captures and transmits home PEF and FEV1 measurements. Measurements from asma-1 bluetooth are transferred instantly via Bluetooth connection into an e-Diary, PDA or mobile phone. From there the data is sent direct to the clinical study database or to other systems for review and analysis.

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