Respiratory Monitors & Screeners Developer's Kits


The Vitalograph range of USB, Serial and Bluetooth™ enabled respiratory monitors and screeners is designed to enable transmission of respiratory data to your e-Diary, mobile/smartphone, computer or telemedicine hub, making the home monitoring of those with chronic respiratory diseases, including asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD and transplant patients, easier than ever.

This respiratory monitoring and screening range, which includes the asma-1™ asthma monitor, the copd-6™ COPD screener and the lung monitor, is ideal for use in clinical trials and occupational health enviromments and provides low cost, accurate and reliable home respiratory monitoring for e-Diary, home hub and telemedicine providers.

For providers of e-Diary, home hubs and telemedicine solutions Device Application Programming Interface (API) Developer's Kits are available for the asma-1, copd-6 and lung monitor. These kits include USB, Serial or Bluetooth comms devices, dongle, cables, Vitalograph Reports Software, device API, software code and access to the R&D Technical Support Hotline.

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