Vitalograph Spirotrac Centralized Spirometry System chosen to support major UK medical research initiative


Vitalograph, one of the world's leading respiratory device manufacturers and clinical trials specialists, was chosen from a number of vendors to work with UK Biobank as part of a major UK-wide study aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of serious and life-threatening illnesses - including cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis and dementia.

Supported by the NHS and backed by the UK's major medical research charities, including the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK, this unique 5 year research project involves the recruitment of 500,000 people aged 40-69. The project is funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council, the Department of Health, the Scottish Executive and the Northwest Regional Development Agency.

Vitalograph helped make such intensive testing possible by training 110 study technicians to carry out spirometry tests using the Vitalograph Spirotrac for Over-Read system for capturing spirometry data.

Vitalograph has also written a custom application (in collaboration with the UK Biobank team) that allows data to be imported into the UK Biobank database, ensuring that spirometry can be conducted quickly and easily via a simple user interface.

The robustness of the Vitalograph system will minimise downtime over the course of this long and intensive study. Further reassurance that the study will run smoothly is provided by Vitalograph's comprehensive service support infrastructure.

"Vitalograph has proven to be an excellent development partner for UK Biobank. We have already demonstrated that our joint focus on operator training and real time assessment of data has ensured high data quality in our centres, each of which see in excess of 100 people per day" says Dr Tim Sprosen, Chief Scientific Officer at UK Biobank.

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