COVID-19 Virus Statement

12th May 2020

The effect of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus continues to be felt globally and we continue to monitor the situation and minimize the disruption to Vitalograph, our customers and patients.

Vitalograph’s manufacturing site is based in Ireland, but as a multinational company with a complex supply chain, we source a few parts in China and some of our sub-suppliers logistics chains also lead back to China. At present, we are not experiencing any product or component shortages and have increased inventory of our more critical components, over and above our normal contingency levels, to cater for any future disruption. Similarly, incoming logistics on all continents are fully operational with minor outgoing delays, in the region of 2-3 days, in mainland Europe. Transportation and logistics services, whilst available in all theatres, have increased significantly in price.

As a global company, we have warehouses in multiple countries holding adequate levels of stock to meet current customer needs. We also have a wide range of products allowing a supply of alternative items should short term stock issues arise.

This week the travel restrictions and ‘stay-at-home’ measures have started to ease somewhat across Europe and the US to varying degrees of local variation and we are fully compliant with the authorities rules in each jurisdiction in which we operate. We are currently performing risk analyses and adjusting our workplaces to comply with new occupational health & safety (OHS) rules and guidance. The health and well-being of our employees is of paramount importance to us.

Since the inception of the pandemic, we have not experienced any appreciable drop in productivity in any of our business units and have been able to react positively to the increased demand for our products. We practice a robust Business Continuity Process (BCP) process, aligned to ISO 22301, tested regularly at all sites.

Our Company Mission is “To improve patient lives through supporting our customers and partners by designing and manufacturing market leading products and services”. We take this mission very seriously and all our employees have fulfilled it throughout this crisis, which makes us all very proud.


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Frank Keane CEO

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