Vitalograph & Education for Health - Partnering to Improve the Quality of Spirometry Testing

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Vitalograph and Education for Health are committed to supporting healthcare professionals to meet the spirometry standards set by the new National Register of Certified Spirometry Professionals, a framework endorsed by NHS England.

The effective diagnosis and monitoring of respiratory diseases relies on two key factors, the competence of the person doing the spirometry testing and the accuracy of the spirometer itself. The clinically-led training offered by Education for Health plays a vital role in equipping medical professionals to perform reliable spirometry testing. To complement this world-class training Vitalograph have loaned Education for Health 15 Pneumotrac spirometers plus dedicated laptops and calibration syringes.

“Education for Health is very grateful to Vitalograph for their support over the years with the loan of spirometry equipment” says Chris Loveridge, Education Lead for Education for Health. “This has enabled us to educate and support hundreds of students on both spirometry workshops and modules. Their recent loan of laptops, syringes and Pneumotrac devices will further enhance the learning experience as students will be able to see the test performed live within the classroom on up-to-date equipment”.

“We are delighted to work together with Education for Health to ensure that healthcare professionals
have access to the best possible training and equipment as they refine their skills to care for those with
respiratory conditions” says Vitalograph Managing Director, Bernard Garbe.

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