Vitalograph micro Quick Start Guide
Simple, accurate handheld spirometer.
Using this guide it will take you just a few minutes to produce your first spirometry test results using the Vitalograph micro™. Reports may be generated from the micro using the Vitalograph Reports Software supplied with the device. If you need more help contact your supplier or refer to the Vitalograph micro User Training Manual, available on the Vitalograph website.

Setting up the micro

  micro_11.png USB Port  
micro_11.png On/Off button  
micro_11.png LED: Green = battery full/USB power, Amber = battery low, Red = battery critical  
micro_11.png Flowhead  
micro_11.png Flowhead release button  
micro_11.png LCD/Touch panel display  
micro_11.png Vitalograph Reports Software CD  
micro_11.png Battery Compartment  
Setting Up micro

4 x AAA non-rechargeable batteries must be installed before the Vitalograph micro can be used for remote testing. Alternatively the USB connector may be used to power the device. Remove the batteries if an extended period of disuse/storage is anticipated (i.e. over a month).

  Configuring the Vitalograph micro device

To configure the micro, touch configure micro For subject options touch subject options micro
For device options touch device options micro For parameter selection touch parameter selection

It is highly recommended to test yourself on a new device before using with a real subject.

Creating a New Subject

To create a new subject touch the Creating a New Subject icon and enter subject details by touching the fields on the screen.
Press the ‘Enter’ Creating a New Subject after each entry.
If no new subject details are entered the micro will default to use the details of the last subject entered.
It is possible to conduct testing on the micro with no subject details entered but predicted values will not be available.

Starting Testing

Fit a disposable SafeTway® mouthpiece or BVF™ to the device. Use of a disposable noseclip is also recommended.
With the device switched on, select the type of testing that you wish to carry out: FVC Test VC Test
Perform spirometry testing when the Blow Icon icon is visible.
On completion of testing a letter is displayed at the top of the home screen to indicate the
type of testing completed: F = FVC, V= VC, P=Post. A spirometry session consists of at least 3 blows in FVC test mode.


To produce PDF reports from the micro using Vitalograph Reports software, ensure that the software is installed on the PC by running the Vitalograph Reports CD supplied with the micro and following the on-screen instructions.


Ensure that the micro is switched on and showing the home screen.

Connect the micro to the PC using the USB cable supplied then open Vitalograph Reports on the PC. 
Vitalograph Reports
Vitalograph Reports

Press the Report icon or select ‘File’ ‘Start Report Service’. Your PDF spirometry report will be generated. The micro display will show a USB symbol while communicating with Reports software.

Start Report Service
Start Report Service
  Further tests may be downloaded in reverse chronological order by selecting ‘Start’ subsequent times in Vitalograph Reports.
Once reports have been downloaded, they will no longer be stored on the micro device.
Configuring the Vitalograph Reports Software

With the micro device connected and switched on in the home screen, start the report service. Select the Results Options Icon Results Options and configure the report as required. Note that there are two tabs and in the second you can insert any text / language.

You cannot configure the report until you have created your first report.

  Report Options
Report Options
Report Options
Report Options
micro Icons
Subject  Subject  VC Test VC Test
FVC Test FVC Test Post Test Post Test
Settings Settings Enter Enter
Subject Options Subject Options Device Settings Device Settings
Accuracy / Calibration Accuracy / Calibration About About
Age Age Height Height
Gender - Male Gender - Male Gender - Female Gender - Female
Posture - Sitting  Posture - Sitting  Posture - Standing Posture - Standing
Weight On Weight On Weight Off Weight Off
Population Group - On Population Group - On Population Group - Off Population Group - Off
Results Options Results Options Parameters Parameters